Castor Oils. Which One Works Best? See TOP 5 Picks

Damaged and dull hair, brittle nails, and thin lashes? It’s time you added castor oil to your beauty routine! This natural beauty product has been used by women to enhance their looks for long years. Good castor oil turns out to be a good remedy for limp skin or stretch marks, but also skillfully clears the face of make-up residue. Just remember that not every castor oil is the same. The effects depend on the quality of your product. Our roundup will help you choose castor oil that is the best to use on the skin, hair or nails.

Castor oil: ingredients

Castor oil is extraordinary because it is the only oil which contains ricinoleic acid. This very acid has antibacterial properties and is a strong hydrating substance. The oil also has smaller amounts of some other fatty acids typical of natural oils: oleic, linoleic and palmitic acid. Moreover, castor oil holds a high concentration of fat-soluble vitamins A and E. What’s interesting, castor oil is very similar to keratin found in the human body. That is why it brilliantly improves the condition of hair and nails, plus helps repair the skin, reducing fresh stretch marks, for example.

Castor oil: effects

  • It strengthens lashes and brows, and enhances their growth.
  • It has antibacterial and antifungal effect.
  • It stimulates faster hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • It revitalizes and repairs hair and nails.
  • It perfectly cleanses the skin and protects against damage.
  • It smoothes, softens, and enhances shine.

Castor oil: reviews

Are you looking for the best castor oil? The reviews are the first thing you should check before purchase. User reviews are the rich source of information: you’ll know which product really works and which one is just a waste of money. Our ranking lists castor oils with positive opinions as well as rave reviews.

The best castor oil. How to choose one?

Many people choose pricey castor oils which don’t boast high quality. The thing that matters the most is the oil’s properties: cold-pressed, unrefined, organic castor bean oil – not the most expensive one – produces the best effect. We need to seek pure oils free from chemicals so that they contain only valuable ingredients which excellently condition the skin, nails, and hair.




Nanoil - the best castor oil

Unrivalled Nanoil castor oil is the highest rated by the users. This high-quality beauty oil is ideal for daily hair, skin and nail care. Nanoil gives us an unrefined, cold-pressed, organic, pure castor oil which is very easy to apply, lightweight and easily rinsed out.

Nanoil offers multiple uses and acts as a natural conditioner for the hair, brows, lashes and nails, plus it cleanses the skin so you can use it to remove your make-up. On top of that, it turns out to be a brilliant fix for stretch marks: use it for massage, mixing it with essential oil or body lotion first. Get silky skin, a younger-looking face free from blemishes as well ass shiny, resilient hair, and strong nails thanks to Nanoil!

Where can you buy your Nanoil Castor Oil?

It is available at the online shops and at the official product site:


SIZE: 100ML, 200ML, 500ML

Castor oil by Earth to You is very expensive. Even though it’s organic, unrefined and cold-pressed, it seems overpriced. There are mixed opinions on the product: some users say it’s extraordinary because it comes from eco-friendly crops in India while others claim it’s too pricey anyway. The latter seem to be right… We can get high-quality castor beauty oils that are easier on the pocket.

As far as the effects go, Earth to You Castor Oil works well on hair, lashes and brows. It additionally nourishes, hydrates and strengthens the epidermis, preventing loss of water and fighting the stretch marks. The manufacturer provides a spoolie to apply the oil on brows, and an eyeliner brush to spread it on the lash line.

Where can you buy Earth to You Castor Oil?

At online shops and product’s site.



Satin Naturel castor oil comes in an elegant, big-sized bottle, and it may be too big if you use it just on lashes or brows. The Satin Naturel Castor Oil is quite popular natural cosmetic and gets good reviews. It is slightly overpriced but we can’t say it’s a poor quality product. It’s all-natural and multi-purpose. Satin Naturel oil is ideal for acne-prone skin, plus you can use it to nourish the hair, brows or lashes. It really helps get rid of blemishes and has an antiseptic effect.

Where can you buy Satin Naturel Castor Oil?

At online shops and some physical stores.



Briogeo B. Well Organic stands out because it’s packed in an untypical pink bottle. It’s expensive and some users make cutting remarks saying we pay a big price for the nice bottle. Still, inside you can find pure, cold-pressed oil extracted from organic crops in India. The oil is very smooth, easy to use, and nourishes dry skin, strengthens the hair and revives its color quite well. It contains valuable fatty acids and all nutrients found in castor beans, therefore, helps keep the hair healthy. Briogeo Castor Oil nourishes the scalp too. It’s vegan and suitable for all types of skin and hair, and damaged, dry, brittle nails.

Where can you buy Briogeo Castor Oil?

At some online stores.



Junglück offers pure castor oil which has been cold-pressed from the castor beans just like the other oils in our roundup. Thanks to that, it keeps proper ingredients to care for your skin, nails or hair well. Try it on the hair tips for protection against splitting, but be careful because it’s very thick and may weigh fine hair down. The Junglück Castor Oil also works well on lashes, brows, and flaky, dry scalps.

Where can you buy Junglück Castor Oil?

At many online shops and some physical stores.