Causes of excessive eyelash loss. Why are they brittle and weak?

The most frequent cause of excessive eyelash loss is allergic reaction to various types of cosmetics. In fact this is a very wrongful theory, because matching cosmetics don’t have a detrimental effect on lashes. So what are the other causes of excessive eyelash loss?

In general, our eyelashes are thin and poorly rooted in follicles by their nature. They tend to fall out without us even noticing this because in the very place of a lost eyelash there is a new lash growing out. The problem becomes more serious when this uncontrolled thinning becomes excessive. If we keep losing more than 3-4 lashes a day, it’s worth reaching for a proper conditioning cosmetic. Only by reacting promptly we can prevent eyelid baldness.

It’s worth realizing that an eyelash growth cycle lasts a few weeks. For that reason, it is easy for us to fix the problem of excessive eyelash loss fairly quickly. Two or three weeks of intensive care is all it takes to reinforce eyelash bulbs and solve this beauty problem. What should be done to regenerate lashes and restore the lost beauty to them?

Eliminating the causes of eyelash loss

First of all, if we stop exposing our weak eyelashes to destructive factors (e.g. toxins, eyelash curler, low quality mascara), we will stop the problem from getting more and more serious. The most common causes of eyelash loss aren’t limited to the use of improper cosmetics or application of products that contain considerable amounts of alcohols. This adverse reaction of our organism is also encouraged by hormonal fluctuations, excessive stress, undergoing false eyelash extension treatments, allergy to adhesive used for attaching false lashes, too vigorous and unskilful make-up removal. Basically, eyelashes are damaged by the same factors which are known for having negative impact on the hair growing on our heads. Once again, the first and the most important step to take is staying away from everything that makes eyelashes weak.

Proper daily care

The good news is that we can help our eyelashes even more by supplying them with essential nourishing substances. Undoubtedly, eyelashes fall out and become brittle because they lack something – moisturisation, nourishment and strengthening. Therefore, application of concentrated conditioning products is a perfect solution. Thanks to this, we deliver precious nourishing substances straight to the lash bulbs. Natural care supporters tend to lay good health and beauty of their lashes into the hands of natural oils, such as castor oil which has hair growth accelerating features. Nevertheless, eyelash serums offer a better solution here. In short, this is a perfectly composed set of nourishing ingredients, their application is easier and they eliminate source of the problem without working superficially.