How to defeat acne? Treatments for girls 25+

Blackheads, comedones, acne… Do these little monsters give you sleepless nights? Do not worry, you are not doomed to failure. Aesthetic medicine and effective treatments come to your aid. They will make your face pretty and smooth again.

Causes of acne

It is completely normal that teenagers have pimples and blackheas. Puberty begins; increasing and decreasing level of hormones does its bit. Some dermatologists claim that acne is now treated the same as colds or other ailments – even adults are affected by the acne. Also genes are responsible for the occurence of pimples. If a member of your family tended to have clogged sebaceous glands, it is highly likely that you will struggle with this condition. Clogged sebaceous glands enlarge under the surface of the skin where they create comedones and pimples. Sebum, which cannot find an outlet, settles in deeper portions of the skin and causes imperfections.

How is acne treated?

Acne treatment consists in the use of oral medications or topical preparations recommended by a dermatologist. Their dose depends on the intensity of acne. Retinol is one of the most popular substances used in the treatment. Its task is to lighten the discolouration, smooth the wrinkles, heal the acne and enhance the recovery of skin cells. If the acne is caused by hormones, it is a good idea to use medicine which lowers the level of testosterone – male hormone which is responsible for the occurance of imperfections.

How are post-acne discolouration and scars removed?

Luckily, scars and discoloured skin left over from acne can be removed. Aesthetic medicine treatments like fractional laser and chemical peel will prove to be helpful. Fractional laser stimulates the production of collagen which fills in the scars and makes them smoother. Additionally, the device emits the beam of light which improves blood circulation in the skin cells and enhances the process of epidermis recovery. On the other hand, chemical peel smooths the surface of the skin, lightens discolouration and eliminates minor scars. In the treatment, fruit acids are used e.g. glycolic, salicylic and kojic.

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