Highlighting Foam Strips: Top Quality For Your Clients

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips: Top Quality For Your Clients
ColorCuts creates exceptional essential hairdressing accessories for every salon. Suitable for all hair types, they minimise the risk of mechanical and thermal damage. Provide your clients with top-quality services!

The Maltese ColorCuts brand has just launched unique thermal strips for colouring and highlighting hair. Using the strips can save you money! This biodegradable and eco-friendly product is machine-washable up to three times after use.

The ready-made and pre-cut strips come in a handy box to make the colouring procedure easier even for untrained hairdressers. You can quickly remove each strip and complete your colouring in no time. The foam strips don’t cause any harm to the hair, as they allow air circulation between the layers.

Highlighting Foam Strips for your hair salon

The biodegradable and eco-friendly material combines innovation with sustainability. Stop littering the world with plastic and take care of the environment! Fans of the zero-waste concept are going to love this gadget as there’s no need to throw away the strips immediately after use – one pack lasts a really long time.

ColorCuts foam strips are comfortable to use. No need to waste your time cutting aluminium foil. What a nightmare! The foil damages and burns the hair, and on top of that, it slips off the hair during colouring. Highlighting Foam Strips stay on the hair throughout the colouring process. The strong grip ensures the strips hold firmly to the root.

The colourful strips are not only eye-catching. They work as a colour marker when you use multiple tones during colouring. This way you know exactly what colour of hair dye is inside each strip and you can easily avoid mistakes. The semi-transparent coating allows you to make quick touch-ups and fully control the colouring process.

Provide your clients with top aesthetics and comfort

highlighting foam strips

The innovative thermal Highlighting Foam Strips don’t overheat the hair, maintaining the optimum hair temperature. For greater comfort, they remain cool to the touch, which intensifies the colouring result. The lightweight strips don’t cause any discomfort, rustle or pull on the hair.

The polystyrene foam strips are suitable for colouring even very long hair. The box contains 200 strips measuring 100×305 mm, which can be cut to your needs. They are the best assistants for creating multi-tone, spectacular colouring.

Plenty of hairdressing salons all over the world have already trusted the unique ColorCuts hairdressing accessories. They provide incredible comfort and aesthetics of the colouring procedure while being eco-friendly. Highlighting Foam Strips are a revolution in the hairdressing salons that ensures the best results.

Combine sustainability with new technologies to meet the demands of your clients. The best service quality and biodegradable products can attract a group of satisfied customers. Go for professional hairdressing accessories that guarantee perfect and precise results!

If you want your salon to be luxurious, streamline the workflow of your staff and keep up with the latest hairdressing trends. Upgrade your prestige with Color Cuts Highlighting Foam Strips! Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.