How to strengthen eyelashes? Home methods for beautiful look

With age our eyelashes become weaker and weaker, turn into being more brittle and thinner. One of the reasons might be improper eyelash care, make-up or its removal. Regardless of the problem’s source, you can reach for home methods for strengthening eyelashes. Which ones are the best?

You can reinforce the lashes in many ways, as there are plenty of ways to damage them. However, the most effective method of restoring good health and elasticity to eyelashes is regular application of a highly concentrated eyelash serum. Owning to the features of eyelash serums, it’s possible to maintain the right level of moisture, provide lashes with nourishment and protection against damaging factors. Innovative substances responsible for accelerating eyelash growth are additionally able to accelerate work of eyelash bulbs, thanks to which, within a few weeks eyelashes become not only stronger but also longer, thicker and even darker. This makes that a concentrated formula is the best method, from all available ones, to strengthen lashes.

However, it’s worth realizing that gifting oneself with a naturally beautiful look can’t be limited to application of a serum only. It’s obvious that this cosmetic will help lashes get extended faster and slow down thinning. Nevertheless, such a product works effectively only when we follow the approach of balanced and comprehensive care. What does it mean?

Conditioning make-up

Eyelashes may lose their vitality already at the make-up stage. If we want to strengthen them, we should resign from using waterproof mascaras and colour cosmetics that aren’t certified. By avoiding irritations, we provide our lashes with health. It’s also worth paying attention to eye pencils and hypoallergic mascaras which are said not to contain any irritating or damaging substances. It’s good if you go for colour cosmetics enriched with conditioning substances – there are more and more of such products on the marker, so the choice is almost unlimited.

Delicate eyelash care

The best thing we can provide our lashes with is delicacy. This thin and weak hair needs gentle treating because, in most cases, its condition deteriorates due to mechanical damages. And these often appear during, for example, make-up removal or during putting on/taking off false eyelash extensions. Let’s do our best to limit rubbing, jerking, nibbling and pulling – all of these negatively affect lashes.

Home methods of eyelash reinforcement

It won’t do any harm if we introduce new methods of eyelash care to our daily beauty routine. This won’t impede action delivered by an eyelash serum; the truth is, such home methods might even improve the cosmetic’s performance. Let’s reach for tested, traditional methods:

• castor oil to strengthen and darken eyelashes,
• coffee compress for darkening,
• nettle infusion to nourish and hydrate.

All you need to remember about is not to mix the eyelash care methods. To clarify, it’s advised to reach for home methods of eyelash reinforcement when we have break from using an eyelash serum, for example. Why? Some substances, e.g. oily, can impede penetration of serum’s ingredients. Therefore, if you apply an eyelash serum in the evening, go for herbs and oils in the morning.