Various lash extension methods. How to have long and beautiful lashes?

Women love to have long and thick eyelashes that will look perfect and flawless even without the use of a mascara. Whenever you are not satisfied with their looks, you can try out some methods to enhance them, for example, by having lash extensions done. How to do it? What is the best method?

Lash growth depends on a wide range of factors. First of all, their length is stored in the genetic code, which is why their appearance might differ for unrelated people. Some of you might have short and bright lashes while for others they will be black and very long. This is the most desired type as it is considered to be the most beautiful one. However, all types of lashes can become dull, weak and fall out due to a number of reasons.

What harms our lashes?

– excessive use of waterproof mascaras,

– the use of out-of-date cosmetics,

– an inappropriate way of make-up removal, such as rubbing the eyes too vigorously.


It turns out that having long and stunning lashes is a wish difficult to obtain. Without proper care, they will never grow long and strong. The problem is, we are not entirely sure how to do it. Learning the basics of a proper make-up removal and limiting harmful factors is already a halfway to success. This is why we decide on having various procedures done, such as lash extensions. You can do it in many ways.

– A less expensive version includes purchasing a set of stripe false eyelashes and applying them with a glue for special occasions. If they match your eye shape, they might look natural enough. However, the process of the application takes some time and requires a basic set of manual skills.

– If you lack time, you might as well go for semi-permanent lash extensions. The effects will last up to several weeks. However, this procedure must be done at a salon by a fully qualified professional. The beautician will attach artificial lashes to your natural ones, one by one. Depending on the method, there can be from 1 to 8 lashes glued to a single natural lash. Unfortunately, this option is rather expensive and the extensions require appropriate care afterwards.

– The best available option is a lash-strengthening treatment. All you need is a high-quality preparation to increase hair growth in a natural way. It is always a better solution to take care of your natural lashes than look for help in falsies. What is the best lash serum like? The one that must be applied along the lashline and the one that contains growth-enhancing ingredients. Online forums and website are full reviews of such products. Read which one is the most recommended product.

– You can take care of your lashes in the comfort of your own home. In order to do so, you can use Castor oil or Vaseline. Both products are difficult to apply and you must wait for ages for the results. However, they might be a reliable and effective support for other methods of obtaining longer lashes.