How to get rid of skin discolouration for good?

Varicoloured, big and small, less or more visible. Imperfections give many women sleepless nights. They make you look worse, spoil make-up and there is no way to heal them. But is it true? Check how to get rid of discolouration for good.

UV radiation, skin conditions, pregnancy, smoking, genes. These and much more other factors are responsible for the occurance of skin discolouration. Imperfections which appear on the skin can have various forms and shapes; they are brown, red or light pink, flat or raised. Luckily, it is possible to deal with all of them. It depends on you and what you are able to do to enjoy smooth and beautiful face. There are really numerous methods: ranging from camouflage cosmetics, treatment with the use of medicine and cosmetics to aesthetic medicine procedures and plastic surgery.

If you want to get rid of small dark discolourations, use sunscreen every day. In order to protect yourself from the effects of UV radiation, you only have to apply a cosmetic with SPF 30 regularly . Apply it every day, regardless of the degree of insolation. Use a moisturizer together with the cream containing sunscreen; apply the cream under the make-up. Treatment with the use of cosmetics which contain hydroquinone will bring equally good effects. The substance lightens discolouration without penetration into deeper layers of the skin. In the treatment, remember to use a product with 2% concentration of hydroquinone.

Vitamin C and retinol will be also helpful in the fight with discoloured skin. These substances can be found in drug store or chemist cosmetics. They are great at lightening discolouration, exfoliating the epidermis, smoothing the wrinkles and firming the skin. Use a treatment with fruit acids to make retinol and vitamin C work more effectively. You can perform AHA or BHA acids treatments by yourself or go to the beauty salon. Laser will give even better results. Light impulses will eliminate discolouration and smooth the skin as well as enhance the production of collagen.

How to get rid of red spider veins? Use delicate cosmetics containing zinc in your face skin care. The products should strengthen the walls of blood vessels and additionally moisturize and protect the skin from the action of harmful factors. Using sunscreen creams is equally important. A dermatologist may recommend a retinol cream treatment or laser closing of blood vessels.

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