Attention! True make-up hit ahead – face contouring with Draping

It appeared as a summer make-up hit, but it seems as it will also dominate the autumn trends. We present you with face contouring different than any other because made with the blusher. Draping makes skin glowing, rejuvenated, fresh and radiant. What is draping and how to perform it?

Draping is an extremely simple face contouring method. For its execution you need only… blusher. You will use it to underline cheek bones and the area of the brow ridges. The most beautiful effect of glowing, healthy skin can be achieved with application of two shades of blusher – darker for the cheeks, right under the cheek bones and the brow ridges, and the lighter one for the cheek bones. The lighter colour should be slightly iridescent, it will provide face with radiant look. It is worth mentioning that draping is not a new trend in make-up. In the 60s and 70s it was beloved by many models and actresses, like Farrah Fawcett and Kate Moss.

No wonder that this contouring method reappeared in the summer and had such warm welcome. Draping is more natural and lighter. On top of that, it is less complicated and radiates with youthful freshness and can even rejuvenate us! It will suit plenty women – despite their age or style.

For draping do not choose blushers in cream or stick – they are too heavy and can provide your face with too expressive look, and the summer make-up is not about that. The perfect solution are pressed blushers, for instance, the iconic and unvaryingly holding the highest quality blushers from Bourjois. The brand offers also very rich colour scheme, so each woman can find right, harmonious shades to perform trouble free summer draping. There is yet another value of the pressed blusher – when you are getting ready for the night out and need more intense make-up, you just need to wet the blusher with water. Wet application of the blusher will allow you to gain entirely different effect on face. What is more, pressed blusher wet with water can be used for application on eyelids and lips – your imagination is the limit.

If you haven’t tried draping in the summer, you should definitely try it in the autumn. It is because the blushers stay with us for the entire next season and who knows, you may welcome with it the New Year.

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