Bronze in a new guise – astonishing eye make-up

Without a doubt, the most common make-up is made with the use of basic, bronze eyeshadow palette. Bronze eyeshadows, both the warm and the cool tones, are mostly suitable for work or school. However, make-up made using such colours is sometimes quite subdued, not to say boring. Do not worry, it does not always have to be that way. Fortunately, many women like to experiment with their look. Just one small detail is need in order to transform the make-up into a little more intense. In this case, it will be an orange line at the upper eyelid. How to do such make-up?

1. Firstly, you must prepare your eyelids. Add a bit of your favourite eyeshadow base and then pat in a shimmering brown eyeshadow. Now comes the time for a delicate, matte or satin light brown shade. Blend the product all the way under your eyebrow arch.

2. You do not own an orange eyeliner? That is no problem. Simply dampen a small, flat, angled brush and apply a very thin line of an orange pigment. Make sure to do it very carefully and precisely to make the line clearly visible. It must be thin, applied right along the upper lashline.

3. Apply a generous amount of mascara. Smudge a dark chocolate eyeshadow to your both upper and lower lashline. This will balance the orange line on your eyelid and add definition to your look.

4. Apply your favourite foundation. It is very important not to rub it all over your face with your fingertips or a brush but simply pat in. Thanks to this, your make-up will blend well with your skin. Additionally, with this make-up you should not forget to brighten and add some glow to your skin. In order to do that, you will need a highlighting powder. Apply it to the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, under the brow bone or diagonally along the cheekbone, depending on your preference.

5. Use a subtle blush in the shade of burgundy to the apples of your cheeks. If you want, you can pat some of the same product in your lips. If you have a creamy highlighter, feel free to apply it under your lipstick. The colour of your lip product should be toned and delicate preferably of a nude shade.

Good Luck!

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