Cotton pads with sweet almond oil. DIY

Cotton pads, cleansing wipes, foams, small towels…. and what do you use to remove your make-up? Probably the most popular method of make-up removal is imply using, available in every drug store, cotton pads. There is a way to improve this simple method and make it even more effective. Did you know that you can soak your cotton pads in a mixture made of oils to make them even more effective?

In order to prepare such blend you will need: two tablespoons of sweet almond oil, 50 ml of distilled water or flower hydrolate, half a teaspoon of mild facial cleansing gel or bath gel for children, a few drops of essential oil, one pack of cosmetic pads and a large jar. All the components can be easily bought online or in a healthy food shop. It is worth remembering that the oil and butter cannot be refined and the process of pressing cannot be conducted in a high temperature. However, if you have not used any oils before, make sure to run an allergy test before the first application. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and sensitive and might be easily irritated by even the most gentle products.

How to prepare sweet almond oil cotton pads? Firstly, heat the oil, hydrolate and gel, in a water bath. Make sure to bend well all the ingredients. Gradually add the cleansing gel. Be cautious with this one because you might accidentally create to much thick lather. Next, pour the mixture into a glass jar and add a few drops of vitamin E and essential oils of your preference. Fill up the jar with clean cotton pads. Press them firmly in order to get rid of an excess of liquid – remember that they cannot be too wet.

How to use sweet almond oil cotton pads? Whenever you want to remove your make-up, press one of the pads against your eye. Hold it like that for a few seconds and wait until your eyeshadows and mascara dissolve. Remember that rubbing you face too vigorously can cause irritations, weaken your eyelashes and harm the epidermis. If you have the feeling that the cotton pads are too dry, feel free to add more gel, accordingly to your needs. Proceed with the make-up removal as usually, rub the skin gently starting from the middle parts of your face heading towards ears and its external parts. This method will prevent you from loosing firmness of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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