How and with what you should clean your make-up brushes?

Brushes are inseparable parts of every make-up. On the other hand, make-up is an essential element of our everyday stylization. After the foundation is applied with the sponge – we clean it and that is pretty obvious to us. In the evening we remove make-up and wash the face and we cannot imagine skipping this step. However, in spite of it all redness, spots, and pimples pop up? The reason may be dirty make-up brushes. Admit it that their hygiene is often the last thing on your mind. In this article, we will explain why you should do it on a regular basis and how and with what you should do it.

Why should you clean brushes on a regular basis?

There are two very important reasons:

  • Firstly: Hygiene
    The most important matter is obviously hygiene. Unwashed brushes are a habitat for bacteria! While using the dirty brush you transfer the bacteria to your skin. It sounds like a perfect way for spots and infection to appear and none of us wants it! The regular washing of the brushes should be your habit just as washing the sponge after foundation application.
  • Secondly: Economics
    Another aspect is economics. Unwashed brushes usually use up much faster. Therefore, you will have to face an expense in the form of the purchase of new brushes. Additionally, the bristle of a dirty brush will be clumped and… absorbs more cosmetics which should be applied to the face and not stay inside the brush.

How often should you wash your make-up brushes?

Since the beginning of this article, it is highlighted that being systematic is key. However, you probably wonder how often you should do it. The answer depends on the type of products you use.

  • liquid cosmetics (foundation, concealer, bb cream) – you should clean brushes after each application of products to the face
  • loose cosmetics (bronzer, powder, highlighter) – at least once a week

What should you use to wash the brushes?

  • special products for brushes cleaning
  • hair shampoo
  • natural oil
  • soap (bets is household soap or antibacterial)
  • micellar liquid

How to wash make-up brushes?

Obviously, there are many methods, but we will present the two most popular.

  1. Dry
    You need to spray brushes with a special product that is recommended for this use. Brushes will be cleaned and dry within 3 minutes! It is a great way when you travel or simply do not have much time.
  2. Wet
    The wet method is when you prepare a bowl of warm water, add the right product (it can be shampoo, soap, micellar liquid, oil), then you soak brushes in it. Gently squeeze the water from the brushes. If the brush is very dirty, you can use the product directly on it. After a few minutes rinse down the residues of products under running warm water. Then you leave brushes to dry (bristles down) and all is ready. This method takes a bit longer, however, from time to time you should treat your brushes to this thorough wash.

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