Oiling your hair – which oil will be most effective?

Oiling your hair is the best method to naturally nourish, and strengthen your hair without any harmful and packed with chemicals, cosmetic products. Organic methods of treatment such as oiling, are not only popular but also safe, effective and not very expensive. The prices of the oils are not high, especially in comparison to their efficiency. Patience is the key here, because only regular use of oils will bring desired, tremendous effects.

This method of hair care is known for many years. It is used in different parts of the world due to the tradition or the habit of natural methods of care. Wherever the oils are popular (such as argan oil in Morocco) there is no problem with selecting products of the best quality. It is worth remembering that in different regions, various oils are more popular. We can draw inspiration from a diversity of cultures and reach for others in order to choose the most suitable oil for the particular hair type.

What to take into consideration when buying the first oil? Make sure to take a closer look on a few matters. The price of the oil will be the first important factor. Additionally, what plant the oil is extracted from and the way it is done. Finally, what kind of nutritious ingredients your can find in it


The prices of natural oils may vary – from 3 euros for a bottle of castor oil to tens of euros for the same amount of argan oil. Always take into consideration the amount of money you are willing to reserve for this purchase. It is advisable not to buy the most expensive ones right at the beginning of your journey with oiling tyour hair. It may turn out that the money is wasted because a cheaper oil may work as good or even better than the expensive one.

When it comes to deciding on the type of oil, you can choose from a wide range. It depends on your hair type and the effects you want to achieve. The most popular ones are: coconut oil for dry and damaged hair, castor oil to stimulate the hair growth, sweet almond oil for matte, dull hair, olive oil – highly moisturising, jojoba oil to help fight against dandruff, and multi-purpose Indian oils, such as brahmi, amla or bhringraj.


The quality of the oil is equally important as its type. It is worth remembering that the same hair oil of different brands may vary due to different methods of extraction. The best example to present it, is the coconut oil – the unrefined, cold pressed, contains a lot more nutrients. Thanks to this, it is more suitable for oiling the hair, whereas the refined version is better for consumption. The same situation occurs with other oils. All the unpurified ones are better for oiling your hair. What is more, remember that cold press always means better quality because the oil do not loose its valuable properties.