Red lipstick for dark circles around the eyes?

Red lipstick is one of those cosmetics you can find in a cosmetic bag of every woman. It’s iconic and timeless. If chosen properly, it will make you feel feminine and provide you with self-confidence. Not many people know that red lipstick is also brilliant for elimination of dark circles around the eyes. Why does it work this way?

The secret lies in the properties contained in mixed colours. To understand how two mixed colours can impact each other, we will need so called colour circle. You can get one in the shop with artistic supplies, or you can simply search it in the Internet. Colours in the colour circle are always placed the same way. It is assumed that colours on one side of the circle are neutralised by the one on the opposite side. If you look at the colour circle, you will see that green colours (which are the one in the dark circles around the eyes) are being neutralised by all shades of red. Blue colours are neutralised by orange colour. For the lack of concealer with red shade we can easily replace it with matte red lipstick with good pigmentation. If your dark circles around the eyes have more blue shade then choose lipstick in shades of orange.

How to cover dark circles around the eyes with help of a lipstick?

  1. This is an important rule: oily lipsticks with pearl or shimmering pigments are no good as a concealer. They can disturb durability of the make-up and provide you with effect of not so natural appearance.
  2. Take small brush and with use of it tap gently red lipstick in dark circles around the eyes. If you do not use make-up brushes, you can do it with your fingers.
  3. Now, on the red area apply concealer – the rule stays the same as to the application of the lipstick – tap it gently in with finger or a brush.

Red lipstick used for elimination of dark circles around the eyes allows not only cover of dark colour with concealer, but also corrects its shade and makes it less visible. Similar rule applies to green concealer and foundation for conceal of red spots on face (and other redness). Yet another advantage is that after elimination of dark circles around the eyes with red colour you can apply less concealer and that ensures skin around eyes with more beautiful and natural effect. Good Luck.

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