Basic Skin Types. Do you know yours?

Healthy and gleaming complexion depends on two factors – genetic predisposition and proper care. We only have an influence on the latter – on condition that we know the needs of our skin. We are presenting a few pieces of information about the types of skin.

You must adapt the face skin care so that it meets the needs of your skin type. Consequently, there is no universal method for smooth and even face skin but we would be very happy if there was. While choosing creams, scrubs, make-up cosmetics we must take the features of our skin into consideration.

How can I identify my type of skin?

It’s easy. You must observe its look and how it changes during the day or in contact with particular cosmetics. The four basic skin types:

NORMAL SKIN TYPE – sadly, it occurs very rarely, mostly in children and young girls; the characteristics: smoothness, even colour (usually beige with light pink), elasticity, proper hydration; no problem with blackheads, discolouration and visible blood vessels; due to improper care it may easily turn into dry and problematic.

DRY SKIN TYPE – it is extremely delicate and sensitive to various external factors e.g. wind, frost, sun; it is easily irritated in contact with soap, chlorinated water or improperly suited cosmetics; it needs special care and keeping proper level of hydration; too little water in the skin leads to flaking and painful feeling of tightness; without proper care it undergoes aging processes very quickly.

OILY SKIN TYPE – it is most common in young women; it is easily identified because of characteristic shine, grey and yellow colour and enlarged pores; it often occurs together with blackheads, papulae and pimples; large amount of sebum protects the skin from damaging weather conditions but this type of skin is prone to bacterial infections; interestingly, this is a very supple skin.

COMBINATION SKIN TYPE – although it occurs in most women, combination skin care is extremely difficult; it is the combination of dry and oily skin – it is greasy within the centre part of the face (forehead, nose, chin) whereas it is very dry in the rest of the parts; combination skin care requires time and dedication because you have to use both moisturizing cosmetics and the ones for oily skin.

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