Defeat pigmentation on your face! What are the effects of Cosmelan treatment?

Cosmelan is the most popular procedure in the world, used to lighten skin discolourations. In addition, it regulates sebaceous glands, exfoliates the skin, cleanses pores and reduces wrinkles. It cares especially for oily and combination skin as well as, seborrheic and acne prone skin. The treatment is recommended for all those, who are struggling with discolouration related to hyperpigmentation on the hormonal background (melasma). The procedure is performed in the presence of a dermatologist.

What is Cosmelan all about?

The treatment is preceded by an interview with a dermatologist and a beautician. During the interview, the doctor informs the patient about the course of treatment, its effects and possible complications. The consultation is also necessary in order to find out what kinds of medicine and cosmetics the patient uses and to present any contraindications towards the therapy. Subsequently, the physician applies cleansing and degreasing product to your skin. Then comes the time for application of the Cosmelan mask. The last component must be washed off at home, accordingly to the instructions given by a dermatologist.

The next step of the procedure requires a home skin care with the use of another preparation called Cosmelan 2. The treatment lasts about three months, during this period the patient must visit the dermatologist a few times for a check up. In the second stage of the therapy the patient must remember not to use any brightening or exfoliating products. Soap, cosmetics containing alcohol, coarse and enzymatic scrubs are strictly forbidden. Additionally, the facial skin must not be exposed to solar radiation. To protect your face you should use sunscreen with at least SPF 50 for about four weeks. During this period of time you also cannot visit a tanning studio or apply any make-up.

What are the effects?

Right after the treatment, your skin will be pink and very flaky. If you want to make the most of the therapy, you must carefully follow the doctor’s orders. Your patience is the key. After three months you will be able to notice a significant difference on your skin. All pigmentations will be gone, the skin will become healthy-coloured, complexion will be smooth and firm. Keep in mind that The Cosmelan treatment can be done only in early spring, winter and autumn. Contraindications: pregnancy, hair depilation, active acne, sun exposure, use of retinoids.

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